40 Killer Marketing Tips

There are things you need to consider in order for you to make money from your website. You should know the importance of web traffic. What is web traffic?

Fact: websites NEED traffic to flourish. It can survive without traffic but that would be nonsensical since most websites were made to be visited. Also, websites can have monetary value because of traffic. How much did Google buy YouTube again? Oh, just 1.65 BILLION dollars in shares. With that kind of financial value pegged on high-traffic websites, it’s not a surprise when many website owners or builders dream of, or aim at having traffic by the millions.

OLike search engines submissions the jerk whose emails look exactly like an official communication from an eBay member asking you to sign in provide your user name and password to answer a question. Once you do, he has full access to your account, enabling him to re-route money due you to him!

Why Web 2.0 marketing? Well, it makes sense for starters. Let’s look at a rundown of the general characteristics it is supposed to have. First, it’s interactive, which means that web pages are no longer static and they don’t take a million years to load anymore. They have applets, pop-ups, and wikis that actually let users play a game, get product information, and contact customer service quickly.

Unfortunately though, the company’s copy will probably continue to suck – and the owners will continue leaving 90% of their sales on the table – because they just can’t quite bring themselves pay a top copywriter a commission on the increased sales he or she could produce for them.

Last but not least you need to be collecting e-mail addresses from your web site. Start a newsletter and ask your visitors to subscribe somewhere on your site. Once you have built up a good subscriber base you can e-mail your subscriber base a weekly newsletter that has to do with your web site’s theme or subject matter. Always include UN-subscribe instructions in case your visitors change their mind and no longer would like to receive e-mail from you.

Search engine ranking reflects the value of the web site. Always monitor on the search engine, and see how it fares there. Optimize your web site to make higher rankings at the search engines. A web site with high ranking attracts more visitors to the website.

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