7 Habits Of Billionaires And Millionaires

You’ve heard people talk about millionaires and then in the dot com era of the 1990’s we had to get acclimatized to billionaires. Overnight billionaires. Now the talk is about trillions of dollars. Trillions. You hear it on the news as if it were a concept you understand. You nod your head knowingly, but do you really know what a trillion means?

But the thing is, there are many Hummer lookalikes out there and these pretenders to the throne are coming out of the woodwork. From Chinese made replicas to Spanish, French made military vehicles we would not really see an end to the Hummer form of design as it still is being adopted everywhere in the world. Maybe that’s why Hummer isn’t selling strongly as we have cheaper versions coming from all the countries mentioned above. And now from Russia, I bring you the Dartz Prombron.

Whether it be in accountancy, law, health care, education, social service etc.. How many people in a job has become multi millionaires or Richest people in the world?

So, I asked myself that question again, is it possible, within reason that someone can become a billionaire? The facts and all my hard work had convinced me. I can irrevocably assert that it is most certainly achievable. To the doubters, then tell me why does Forbes list 1,062 billionaires for the year 2008? Also, the number of billionaires has been rising at a faster rate this 21st century. There were 946 billionaires according to Forbes in 2007.

Thomas Edison persisted through 4,999 different attempts to invent and perfect the incandescent lamp. He finally succeeded on his 5,000th attempt. This is a Youngest Billionaires recorded fact.

Not only do the top richest people tend to be able to pounce when the moment’s right, they also make patience a habit. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com in 1994, didn’t turn a profit until 7 years later in fourth quarter of 2001. That goes to show, a good seed that is sown on Monday does not bear bountiful fruit to harvest on Tuesday. After all, sometimes it takes a while for a good idea to pay off.

Let me share with you how the words of billionaires like: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Donald Trump are so powerful. Many are tempted to say: of course, “their words carry power because they are billionaires!” A word from them, in public, can shake the market! Well, T Harv Eker, a guru of the millionaire mindset, says: ‘Their words have power, not because they are billionaires. They are billionaires because they gave power to their words!’ They say what they mean and mean what they say. And what they say…. they DO!

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