Alcohol Addiction – What Were You Up To Last Night?

Many people are frustrated when a family member gets into a drug addiction treatment center only to gets back on drugs afterwards. Every day we read news articles about drug overdoses with stories of parents who did everything they could, including drug addiction treatment, to help their kid. Having lost their own loved one, they network to help prevent further deaths. However, with all the good they do, one thing they often overlook is improving the quality of drug addiction treatment And other than prevention, it’s the one thing that could have made the difference.

Take them to a detox or drug addiction rehab rehab center so they can see what people go through trying to get off drugs. If you can’t arrange that, gather photos, life stories, and so on.

The appreciation ritual is the process of going over the past 24 hours and mentally, or quietly with partner, listing everything you can be thankful for, for that whole period. Then add the whole alcohol addiction rehab week the year and finally your life. If you do this in bed, you’ll sleep more than most and better.

The amounts that had been drunk by the patients in the ward, to get them to the state of needing the unit to help them, was on average much less than the young people drink in today’s alcohol liberal society, and it had taken only about 10yrs of fairly dedicated drinking to reach their damaged state. The other factor was that these men and women had started drinking in their late teens – not the much younger age groups who drink now. Nowadays – there is more volume of alcohol drunk, at a younger age and drinks are much higher in unit equivalence.

Those six months working in the alcohol unit showed me a side of human nature, which, when accessed, strengthened and fed by alcohol, did not value life, family, ability, friend, or child – a side which took the path to slow destruction via initial spurious and transient jollity and camaraderie, through depression to decline and oblivion.

The addict is dying. Drug addiction is progressive. What seems commonplace to the abuser today would have been unthinkable to them a few years ago. Read the papers or watch the news, drug addiction is claiming hundreds of thousands of lives every year in the US.

Peter Reidis a drug addictions counselor, specializing in addiction assessment. He has vast experience in the field, having worked with the top drug and alcohol rehab centers in the U.S. He also writes many informative articles on the subject of substance abuse treatment.

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