Animal Spirit Totem – Dog

How does one go about finding one’s power animal? There are many ways to do this, but generally, the easiest way is to just pay attention to your life. Even if you live in the city, animals will cross your path-they will come to you and this is something to pay attention to.

As a Shaman studies, one meets with knowledge of good and evil gradually and can practice mastery in increments. For a Shaman to share all of his or her knowledge with you at once would fill your heart with such dread it could cause illness of body and mind because you are unpracticed and unprotected. However, everything a Shaman knows can be obtained through good practice and constant learning. I am always happy to share what I know and walk with you on your journey. There is certain knowledge I would share with everyone as we all need to protect ourselves.

EXCESSIVELY ADVERTISED = THE BEST. Everyone has always had the notion that psychics who advertise a lot on TV and the newspapers are the most effective psychics. But then, don’t be fooled by their media exposure. The real deal is, advertisements do not measure how great a psychic is; it is the experience and knowledge that he has. The ideal way to know if a psychic has the ability to present an accurate reading is when others can confirm it. To put it simply, it’s advertising by “word of mouth marketing” and testimonials from others that will show you if a psychic is a reliable.

Before you schedule a reading whether it be in person, online, or over the phone, make sure you set a limit on how much you are willing to spend for the reading. Be very alert to the con artists that will charge you a high fee guaranteeing that they are the only ones that you can trust to give you an accurate reading. There are many psychics that have different options for a reading such as chat or email. Take the time to choose the best way that you believe you will get an accurate reading. If you choose a psychic reading over the phone be sure you know exactly what the rate per minute is for the call. Next, choose the length of time you want the reading to be.

READING IS JUST MERE MAKE BELIEVE OR WISHFUL THINKING. They are saying that psychic readers understand a lot of how a psychologist functions and that to please a person, you need to give a positive reading to him or her and that the particular person would then “make believe” that it is all authentic. Simply put, a reading is all a “state of mind” — when a person is told by a psychic about what will happen, one will tend to believe in that, and in turn, it will make the reading work out as planned. This information is so false! The truth is a reader can end up in either positive or negative and either way the psychic reader will express it to the person being read and provide the related suggestions on what to do Psychic reading about the situation.

Use these suggestions to guide you on what you can ask and to organize your thoughts. Also, keep in mind that your future is not unchangeable. What you hear in a Psychic reading tells you where your current path is leading you and how it will manifest in your future; you are free to pursue it or change it.

A psychic reading is one way to know about the future. Everyone has some degree of psychic ability. However, there are persons whose extrasensory perception and intuitive abilities are more sensitive than others; these are the people capable of giving a psychic reading. Some of them do not even use any tools to read your future, but they can look you straight in the eye, or just know things by hearing your voice. In fact, there are some who can even read what the future holds for you – over the telephone.

Don’t overlook the presence of any wild animal in your life. They are gift from the Mother and they have something to share with you. If you want to have a more vivid experience, find a place in nature where you can go and be alone. A wooded glen, whatever calls to you. Go there. Go there and sit and be quiet for more than just ten minutes. Embrace the nature around you. Breathe with the trees; they will breathe in what you breathe out.

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