Around The Old City Of Stockholm – Gamla Stan

Stockholm City in Sweden has lots of things to offer to people, locals and visitors alike. If you want to go on a Stockholm holiday but do not know what to do, there many kinds of things that you could enjoy in Stockholm. There are beautiful tourist spots, picturesque scenery, historical sites, and exciting sports activities that we could all enjoy in this amazing city of Sweden.

The marathon is usually held exactly on a Saturday afternoon in the month of June. As of this year, the Stockholm Marathon will be held on June 5, a Saturday at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. It will be the 32nd Konferens nära Stockholm Marathon. As of the current record, there are about 20,000 runners registered to participate in the marathon. There are the 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 plus and the open categories. The marathon usually starts in the street of Lidingovagen at Ostermalm IP where all the runners flock together and ends in the 1912 Olympic Stadium after the six-hour maximum time given for the runners. The runners are divided into five groups, from group A to Group F.

I finish my walking back home. I Conference near Stockholm gave my cats dinner. Sitting by the computer tell the world how lucky I am. To be healthy, to be able to wake up every morning. I am thanking every morning for that. I also than Universe for all my friends I have met and those I will meet some day.

The runners are treated well, making sure that their energy is refilled while in the marathon. The onlookers along the streets also inspire them to do their bests. There are refreshments stationed in every two miles along the course. Maxim Electrolyte Energy Drink is served at every refreshment tables and of course, water. Maxim energy bars, cola drink, Chiquita bananas, knorr vegetable stock, pickled gherkins, and dextro energy dextrose are also provided for extra energy for the runners. All of these are supplied by sponsors. For the runners to feel more refreshed, there are also shower stations located along race path.

The easy fact that he asked for the deal proved what we always say, “You need to ask for the order to get it”. I would have loved to go with him again (and I said yes) but I would never have asked him to pick me up.

The guide showed us the five story apartment buildings left from the Soviet era. There were no elevators, so subsidies were provided for younger people to live on higher floors. There are many of these old Communist-period apartment blocks left.

Kulturhuset should also form part of your Sweden visit. A rich diverse mix of art and culture, its meaning aptly translates to culture house. Here you can mingle with culture vultures alike or in summer enjoy the metro areas which are turned into clubbing areas at night. During the day there are theaters and art exhibitions whilst at night you can dance to the beat while savoring the fresh clean air.

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