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Perfume comes from the Latin phrase “per” meaning “through” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. The French later gave the name parfume to the pleasant smells that drift through the air from burning incense. Incense was the first form of perfume. Perfume has been a part of our culture for centuries. People have used oils, resins, flowers, animal scents and herb extracts to perfume their bodies and hair throughout history. People wear perfume for many different reasons.

Perfume has been around for thousands of years. These days the market is flooded with thousands of different brands and products and it can be hard to find the best deals with so many to choose from. Department stores have a good choice of perfumes and aftershaves, but how do you know you are getting a good price? Sometimes cheap perfume can be found during the seasonal sales or special promotions, but how do you get a bargain during the rest of the year? Shopping online has never been easier for cheap perfume. All you need to do is enter your perfume preference into a search engine or Parfumerie en Ligne comparison website to find the cheapest price for your selection.

Kara says-I wear perfume so I can smell nice and if someone smells my scent of perfume somewhere else, they will think of me. I sweat a lot so it makes me feel better knowing that I don’t smell like sweat, I smell like perfume. Also my mother buys me new perfume every Christmas.

Ladies perfume brings up many memories. The sense of smell is a strong sense. A single smell can flood your brain with memories, some good and some bad. Make sure you are invoking good memories for yourself and the people around you, by choosing the right perfume. Buy the perfume you really want. You can find a great deal on a designer fragrance. Read on to find out where you should buy the right ladies perfume for you.

At a perfume outlet, you can find most of the name brand and high-end fragrances that are available in department stores. It’s easier to buy them online because you don’t have to go out to a department store or a mall to fight the crowd. Also, you are guaranteed to pay less than you would at a brick or mortar store. If you know what you want, then it makes it easier for you.

Once you’ve decided on a fragrance, go to your local department store and ask the perfume sales lady to help you find a perfume that smells most like the one you chose, but is less expensive. She may be able to help you find a good comparison. If after some sampling, you can’t find something similar to what you chose, go online. You may be able to find the perfume you like on eBay for a fraction of the cost. You can find tons of designer perfumes on eBay. Try simply typing in the name of the perfume into Google and see what comes up. You may be surprised to find it sold on many websites for less than what you would pay at the store.

Typical top notes are jasmine, lavender, rose or bergamot. Middle notes may be geranium, lemon grass or neroli and base notes can be cinnamon, vanilla or sandalwood. They need to be added in order of top note, middle note and last is the base note. Be sure to use a dropper for the essential oils, as one drop will go a long way.

There had been tons of perfumes about, but there are only some that could be appreciated by a lot of. So, if you would like to wear the exclusive, prolonged lasting scent perfume, sophisticated and could be taken for affordable value, Vera Wang Perfume would be a excellent concept.

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