Boost Your Health With These Great Juicing Tips

Whether the doctor says you need to lower your cholesterol or you just want to be healthy and have more energy, green juice can be just what the doctor ordered. Green juice supplies your body with fresh nutrients, vitamins, proteins and enzymes that are easy to assimilate. After all, most of us can’t possibly eat enough greens to get the nutrients our body thrives on. Drinking green juice is a great way to power boost your diet and your energy level.

Brunch: Augh! I cringe when I hear this word. Why? Because, if you’re not careful, brunch can literally destroy all your hard fitness, and weight loss efforts. Restaurants usually serve breakfast casseroles or quiches packed with cheese, sausages, butter, cream and cheese that are served with buns, cinnamon rolls, and pastries.

If you’d like to clear up skin problems, juicing can help! Keep your juices as green as possible as those dark leafy vegetables contain B vitamins, vitamin C, and helpful acids which can help repair your skin. Many veggies and fruit also contain anti-oxidants which can help to prevent damage from free radicals.

When you think of salads, don’t just settle for lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Make a beautiful salad out of dark green leafy veggies such as watercress, rocket, chicory, spinach and kale. They are high in minerals and calcium plus they make a delicious Flat Belly Fix. Try kale, spinach, apple, celery and fennel. Add a dash of lemon juice of an extra bit of zing.

The foods you put into your body ultimately determines how you look, feel, and function. Most people attribute getting sick or lacking energy to “external” factors such as the latest “bug” or the aging process, respectively, but fail to realize that what’s happening inside their body at a cellular level is much more important.

The combination of alcohol and unhealthy healthy food made me feel even worse than I already did – sluggish, sick, and worst of all, fat. For the first time in my adult life, I was overweight and feeling very, very unhealthy.

When you decide you want to lose weight, you have to start with a commitment. Losing weight and keeping it off takes time, effort and a lifelong commitment. Are you ready for permanent changes? Are you losing weight for the right reasons? If you answered yes to those two questions, you are well on your to weight loss.

The good news is that not all teeth whitening tips are expensive or require a licensed professional to administer them. Yes you could spend the money to have it done professionally but why? Don’t settle with an unflattering smile when there is alot you can do about it. You’ll love your new look!

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