Brighten Your Christmas With White Paper Lanterns

In the wake of last week’s school shooting in Newtown, Ct. there have been many renewed calls for gun control from the left. On Monday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) said on MSNBC that she will introduce a bill to ban “assault weapons” and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) called on President Obama to “exploit” the killings according to the Washington Times. Today, President Obama announced that Vice President Biden will head a group to craft new gun control policy and that the issue will become a second term priority. Many pro-gun Democrats, such as West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, are changing position.

The Visa Electron card also works outside of Thailand. You can make withdrawals at most ATMs anywhere in the world. Most grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, and nearly anywhere in Thailand that normally would accept a credit card will allow you to pay with your Visa Electron card. PayPal now allows you to hold an Carry Permit Online School account if your bank is a Thai bank. When registering for PayPal they ask for a credit card. The accept the Visa Electron card, which means you can have PayPal deposit funds into your Thai bank account. It takes 5 to 7 days for the funds to reach your account via PayPal. PayPal does not yet issue their ATM card for Thai-based accounts.

Elgin Farm has a variety of animals to see: goats, rabbits, ducks, llamas and more. Everyone can enjoy hayrides and get lost in a hay maze. You can watch as wreaths are handmade every day, and the gift shop stocks holiday decorations, jewelry and local jellies. Leashed pets are welcome too, meaning you can bring all the members of your family to this farm! Educational tours are offered in October and December.

My route for Day 3 would take me along Greenside Trail and past Murrietta Falls before rejoining the Ohlone Trail at OT Marker 35. I’ve read that this waterfall, the tallest in the San Francisco Bay area, is as beautiful as it is remote. Unfortunately for me, it was bone dry whne I got to it. I did my best to visualize it in its full flowing glory, but my imagination wasn’t really up to it. Looking down on the dry gully from above, I found myself thinking about what a long shadow human activity casts on the natural world. As a hiker, I consider myself both concerned for and aware of the world around me. But even as an outdoorsman who tries to travel lightly, I leave a footprint behind.

Oh how wrong I was! We had just finished up and my husband spotted a branch on the permit online that stuck out farther than the rest. So, my oh so talented husband got his hand saw and attempted to saw it off the Carrytn. He made one cut with the saw, and POP!!!!! The lights on the top of tree went out. How the hell he cut the lights instead of the branch is debated to this day. So as if the tree wasn’t lovely enough, now the lights are only half way on. The top of the ugly permit online was completely unlit. I began to cry. There is only so much you can take before your limit is reached, and then you cry. A lot.

They even go so far as to claim that thirty bullets in a magazine are far too many for self-defense even if they have never had to defend themselves with a gun.

In one interesting case, the same man perpetrated two mass killings in Africa. William Unek murdered 21 people with an axe in the Belgian Congo in 1954. He escaped to Tanganyika where he went on another rampage three years later, this time using a rifle as well as an axe to kill 36 people.

You can also use a free online program line the one found at Blue Mountain (see resources). They already have place card templates. All you have to do is fill in your guests names and print.

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