Face Shapes And Hairstyles: Which Hairstyle Suits To Your Face?

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1) Avoid as much as possible the use of hot irons to straighten your hair. You have heard it a dozen times before, yet you ignore the simple rule. These hot devices will only break it more. Find clever ways to get the desired hair effect without having to apply damaging heat. If you want a straight do every single day, you may want to try what Jada Pinkett Smith says she does. She wraps it. At the end of this article is a link to a youtube video that will show you how to wrap your hair. If you want to get a curly effect without the heat, use curlers and let air dry, or cut and shaped toilet tissue rolls to get a desired curl effect.

Secondly, practice visualization every day. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight doing the things you really enjoy doing – perhaps you have a photo of you at your ideal weight which can help here. Make the image as vibrant and as compelling as possible and really get a feeling of how great it feels to be at your ideal weight now. That’s right – visualization works best if you focus on how good it feels to be at your ideal weight – this creates a powerful image for your subconscious mind to work towards.

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Imagine owning a Hairdressers and you had one quiet day with few customers. You could just send a text message out to all your clients offering them 20% off a haircut. I bet you would have an amazing response.

While we are on the Pantene Products, I will just say that I love the Pantene relaxed and natural line for black women’s hair. This is the line I currently use and have found it to be very effective in doing what it claims it can do. Sedal is also another good product line that I used prior to Pantene Pro-V.

Now let me tell you what aspects you should mark when you browse the website of the hair salons Menlo Park. I’ve already mentioned the hairdressers’ training factor. Now check out how well they have been doing. There are two ways to find it. First, check their gallery where they present the best hairdos they have accomplished. You will get an idea how proficient they are in their business. Moreover, you will also know if there is variety in their work. Another way to check their efficiency is to look for feedbacks left by their previous clients. You will most probably find a ‘testimonial’ in the website. And if you don’t, search for it on Google with the name of the salon plus ‘feedback’. You will surely find posts from some happy clients.

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