Iphone 4 App Development: Top 5 Crazy, Wacky, And Weird Apps For Your Iphone 4

Do you really want your competitors to steal customers right from underneath you nose, in your local area? Can you really afford not to be proactive to avoid being left behind? Take a look at some basic facts about having a Mobile Marketing Strategy as part of your Social Media Marketing Plan…

Discoverability – Unfortunately, an app doesn’t help potential clients find your business when performing a local Google search. Google has changed their entire platform for mobile. It puts a very high weight on mobile websites. Your business has a much better of chance of showing up on the Local Search Directories if you have a mobile site.

Many operators of stores and other online sites already have relationships with affiliate marketing sites such as Commission Junction and Linkshare. These all work pretty much the same. If you use their tools, you can take their links (for commission) and embed them into your app. As people use your app, they will see these links and (hopefully) will tap/click on them. If they purchase from the linked site, you get commissions.

The perfect aplicativos para celular are ones that have a high engagement value. They aren’t boring and you first need to get an idea about their engagement quotient from their screen shots. If the screen shots look appealing, there is a good chance that they are engaging.

When over 100,000 users are using your app something is bound to come up, so it’s important that as a Mobile App developer (that’s what you are, right?) you stay up to date with feedback from happy and angry users to ensure that you can fix any problems quickly.

We need to test a number of things including how the application and any connected technologies function when the mobile handset is put under strenuous conditions.

The store features a one click checkout system that I found to be intuitive and easy to use. Different categories and sub-categories can also be created to separate different types of media files.

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