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In this economy I’m sure we’d all love to know how to survive, let alone thrive in a world where people are cutting back. Items that aren’t an absolute necessity are now not being purchased or being put on hold for hopes of a better tomorrow. So while other lawn care companies are losing customers and scrambling to stay in business what can you do to not only stay afloat, but grow your business!

Get familiar with lawn enemies. This refers to weeds and pests. Weeds, like grass and shrubs, are plants that need nourishment. Having unwanted weeds in your garden means that the wanted plants will need to compete for what is required for them to survive. Most of the time, weeds win, and you don’t want that. Being able to identify common weeds will enable you to easily eradicate them and prevent their future appearance. The same is true with pests. Knowing the types of pests that attack lawns can help you easily exterminate them without harming your plants.

A manual trimmer is the most popular and common type of trimmer whether one is a beginner or a seasoned landscaping pro. This tool is usually for smaller scale jobs. These tools actually look like an oversized pair of scissors. They usually have wood handles, although some come with rubber grips for better handling. They usually are thick and reasonably sharp. On a few models there is a notch on the back of the blade for cutting larger branches that may need more cutting power.

Back when I first started managing restaurants I got together with one of my fellow managers over a slice of pizza and discussed how we might make a few extra bucks in addition to our salaries. It would have to be something that paid cash and could be accomplished on one of our days off. Jim was just starting a family and wanted one day off a week to spend with them at least. After reviewing a number of options we decided to go into the Lawn Mowing Companies Near Me business. Jim’s father was a professional landscaper and could help us out with the equipment and we both had cut grass as kids. It turned out to be a pretty lucrative part-time business as we had 15 restaurants to cut for the chain we worked for right away. The only problem was when the weather got in the way of our schedule.

Rearrange Lawn Care companies your furniture to allow easy flow and access in the room. Take out any unnecessary furniture to clear up space and make the room seem bigger. Reposition the furniture in such a way that clearly demonstrates the function of each room. Make the rooms as open as possible.

The remedy to thatch is using a scarifier. A scarifier is a lawn tool that reaches down into your yard, without harming the grass, and uses specially designed prongs to lift out and free the lawn of thatch. Simply using a plastic garden rake across the yard will not remove thatch. An ordinary garden rake with plastic tines will not reach down into the grass far enough or with enough power to remove thatch. Thatch removal is required to maintain a healthy lawn, and a scarifier can be a very useful tool to have in the arsenal of lawn care implements.

To keep your lawn healthy, you should also weed it. But you should remember that not all kinds of weeds are bad. There are some weeds that you can stand without damaging your lawn. An example of which are clovers.

Make sure that your estimate states the term you are agreeing to. There is no need to sign a year long term right off the bat before you know if the company is good. Good luck with your lawn care needs!More home improvement information can be found at Raleigh-Durham Kitchen Cabinets.

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