Preparing Your Summer Patio

It can seem such a waste to stay indoors when the weather outside is really nice. These are the times when you wished you enhanced your garden so that you and your kids can romp and play while enjoying the cool breeze. Or if the kids prefer to stay indoors, you may just find the quiet time that you need to relax and refresh in the serenity of your patio. In order to enjoy all this you need to design a space that works well with relaxation and entertaining and all you have to do is accentuate it with good, sturdy, weather-resistant outdoor furniture.

I have built hundreds of shells for customers (Shells are usually projects built to a point where the exterior roof & walls are complete & the interior is left for the homeowner to finish himself.) The homeowner gets a good start on the most difficult part of the construction & is competent enough to finish the interior. In many cases the homeowner contracts the electric & heating to others. Some times, if he is very competent, he does the electric & heating himself.

The reason for the pre-planning is that you have an opportunity to create something very special with little extra expense beyond the foundation work and the patio floor. Here are just a few thoughts to build in at the design stage, so your Covered Australia garden can be more than just a flat area of paving slabs.

If your patio contractors cushions had been damaged by mildews and moulds, create a solution with detergent, borax, and a quart of water. Soak the cushions to the solution you made for 15-20 minutes then after which scrub the cushions gently. Rinse it using a water hose to clean all sides. Dry you cushions under the heat of the sun.

Here’s another discovery I found from Wisley – Cacti and similar drought tolerant plants can be left alone for a long time. They only even need a prune every so often. If your patio is windy you can add large pots. Broad based Terracotta pots and zinc cubes are good for this sort of thing. I love the idea of Buxus balls – they look stylish too.

There is a right way and a wrong way to find a good group of patio builders. If you go about it the wrong way, you can expect to waste thousands of dollars. You may even end up with a patio that looks worse than before you started the renovation. If you go about it the right way, you can expect the monetary and social value of your home to go up. Think of this renovation as an investment.

It’s your patio and you can design it as you like. If you want a simple stone patio with little design, you can, or you can pick and choose stone to make a completely unique look. It’s up to you! For patterns, you can include stones of complimentary colors and create a mosaic look, or an interesting patchwork quilt look. You can even just lay stone out randomly, if you are so inclined. If you are creatively blocked, do some research on the internet before purchasing your stone from a bulk materials supplier. There are plenty of sites which offer creative ideas for stone patios, and you can use the one you like or reinterpret one. Be as creative as you want. It’s your patio.

Another thing to be considered about patio doors is the covering. Draperies are an option but they are not very popular. People generally prefer to use blinds on patio gate. These are always installed inside. Another option is to install them between the glasses. These will be operated from the inside of your patio doors.

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