Starting Your Own Home-Based Business Can Be Frustrating

Or, in a more updated version, you are listening to a webinar where someone is drawing digital circles, but still feeding you the same “five people” story.

Take my own business. Success in Sweatpants, which is my Coaching Seminar practice (and not to be confused with my marketing consultancy 4R Marketing), is about helping solo home business owners create the lives they want through professional success. In other words, I am passionately committed to helping clients have exactly the lifestyle, the time, and the money that they want by helping them make their businesses as successful as possible.

After making a decision, begin learning about how to build the business. Focus on one task at a time. Learn, implement, excel and then move on to the next one. Always take action on what you have learned. Mistakes are OK because it means you are getting closer to your goals.

The best teams are those who constantly keep educating themselves. It might be required of you to send some of your members away for continuing education. It might be necessary for conducting workshops and seminars to keep your teams informed. There may be several things that can be done in order to improve the knowledge quo of your team. Do not hesitate; it will all be an investment that will pay back richly.

For someone who claimed not to know what she wanted, the thoughts started to flow quickly and fluently. I gently shifted her “and what are you doing in the space you just mentioned?” More grapes drawn and more filled. She described the type of people she wanted to work with (Chinese) and what her role would be “liaison between their culture and American.” I pushed her to give me as much detail as possible, so we were clear as to the desires. The exercise was enlightening and productive but it still felt wanting.

Do you know why? There is actually evidence in neuroscience that explains why we drift back into old behaviors. Our brain actually wires itself to perform repetitive tasks without conscious effort. If you do something in the same sequence enough times, the neurons that are required to perform this task will automatically fire together in the familiar sequence whenever you are confronted with a similar situation and you aren’t vigilantly aware of what your mind subconsciously is programmed to do.

Then pencil in the tasks that have to be repeated over the course of 2010. For example, keyword research doesn’t end in some niche markets. You may find that trends affect the way people are searching and knowing things as soon as possible helps you capitalize on the evolution within the niche.

And finally, writing your affirmations will speed up you reaching your goals. Write your affirmations each day for the best results! This is what the personal life coaching is!!!

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