Writing A Novel Outline

There are a lot of people out there who have the basic premises or idea for any sort of novel (in this case a romantic level), but are just not able to execute it for they cannot decide about how to begin and from where to begin. Well, look no further as here a few tips that can help you in writing a romantic novel.

My theme is fame. My approach to fame is that people in our society need fame so badly they create people to carry fame for them without any regard for how those people really feel.

Delving into the background of the victim, the detective was able to determine that he had dealing with organized crime. This led to the construction business and politics in Atlantic City. The detective soon found that government agencies were interested in the victim’s activities. Organized crime wasn’t interested in who shot the victim but they wanted the investigation stopped.

I got serious about three years ago, but it wasn’t until this year, 2010, that I’ve made significant progress with my novel. Here are a few things that I did to get serious about completing my remarried empress chapter 1.

If you are like me, it’s hard to resist backing up to “fix” things as you go along. Most experts in the field advise you to spend your writing time writing and set a different time for editing. Maybe you could edit for ten minutes before you start each session, or do as some writers do and wait until the end of a chapter or several chapters before you do any editing at all. I have noticed that if I wait several days to edit something the errors seem much easier to spot.

Another useful practice for generating good ideas is to start with a situation. Don’t try to come up with a whole novel plot. Instead, think vignettes. What problems do people face? Start there, with specific individual problems.

Once you do one or all of those things, you have increased your chances of getting your book published and achieving your dream of being a published author. A book is like a baby, you can’t expect a baby to go out and find a job right out of the womb; a baby needs to learn skills and develop social skills. A novel isn’t ready just because it’s a complete file on a computer. It needs to be fine tuned and crafted into something more, something not so rough around the edges. So do yourself a favor and don’t submit your first draft to a publisher, it will help your chances monumentally.

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